Novallo I

by Novallo

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Novallo's Debut E.P.


released September 1, 2012

All music written by Novallo

Novallo is:
Gino "Bambino" Matheson - Guitar, Vocals
Sam Gitiban - Lead Vocals
Nicholas Salvatore - Drums and Percussion
Nicholas Riggs - Guitar, Vocals
Brandon Johnson - Bass Guitar, Vocals

Audio Production by Bambino Studios:
Gino "Bambino" Matheson - Engineering, Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Programming
Sam Gitiban - Vocal Engineering, Editing
Nicholas Riggs - Instrumental Engineering, Editing, Programming
Nicholas Salvatore - Programming

Art Direction:
Sam Gitiban, Gino "Bambino" Matheson


all rights reserved



Novallo Columbus, Ohio

Novallo is a 5-piece progressive metal band hailing from Columbus, Ohio. We are dedicated to our craft and to expanding the boundaries of what has been
done within the genre. Our music brings flavors of jazz, funk, world-influenced, ambient, and electronic elements, in addition to several other styles of metal music.
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Track Name: Angle of Perception
Outside the confines of your skull,
There exists more grey matter--
But it's not connected.
To begin, leap into the abysmal grid
To retrieve your few and precious,
Oft-neglected seconds - multidirectional middle men
Failed when choices, inhibited by a narrow field of view,
Freeze images of moving forward.
Forward, that is, for the plane on which you live.

What does "I"
Have to do with my mind,
When you steal codes from my
Flesh vessel's bad design?

And up the stems of infertile growths
I will climb, unseen by the world.
Unknown histories wound up tight in every thorn--
Each and every one will make me bleed,
'Til the satiated summit teems with life once again.
Once again, I scaled so unfettered by the cages of illegible pages.
If faith's a gamble, then I'm counting cards--
My brain can't help it.

Falling in place
To halt a malevolent face--
Whose better half speaks the
Supernatural visions of one line - long in its infinite tastes;
Fleeting oceans.

And when the story ends, I just wanna see your face
From the phantom roads I tread.
And when the story ends I just wanna see your face
In the mist of all ages.
Track Name: Tides
Damned - and survival implies death.
Just as impossible as falling in and out of linen tides
Etched deeper than the sky.

This is not life.

Floated this far in the dark;
Noted the purest of cherubs--
Demons all along.

New mass graves in singularities
Suck in the light that remains
From futile attempts at sanity;
The tides wash in once again.

Floated this far in the dark;
Noted the purest of cherubs--
Demons all along--
Skinned off the palette--
Dripping, amorphous lies to nest by my side,
Wishing me
Another good night.

There rises the wicked idol of coal.
The years, soaked in ages, reek of eons.

Spheres drawn into the sand collapse grain by grain--
Before they even begin to exist.

Floated this far in the dark;
Noted the purest of cherubs, these blushing destroyers,
Conspiring without a mind--
As am I.
As am I.

This is not life.
Track Name: 4 Eyes Win!
And you thought you were perverse?
They'll blow your mind--
Which you don't own, nor the pile of bones that it resides in.
Three rolls; play with the rain of fire.

How do I escape the cube when I'm a square?
How do I kill what can't be there?

I tempt the boss with no slew of aces;
Four eyes - one eye in the sky.
Here comes time and I'm fucked.

And you thought this was a game?
They'll switch your hands--
Which even you will not see when your eyes are playing shell game.

They dance above the plumes of sentient odors,
Twisting in and out of a glass maze.

What's "free will" in the game where pawns ain't kings?
Here comes time and I'm fucked.
Track Name: Visually Silent
As two figures merge languidly,
I notice blacker forms - just as alive.
If wonder turns to horror gradually,
One might be inclined to strip the gun.

Look inside the walls--
Quite the turbulent perpetual motion machine.
When the lights get dimmer,
The teeth tend to glow.
Your skin burns, peels--
Thickened but obsessed,
Pruned in acid.

The fires have run their course,
But forfeited a choice
To circumvent rebirth;
Your insides now must burst.

Now, within the glow of the haunting,
See your smoldering essence
Mixed with the false god's ether.
No use for a mirror.
The last flickers gesture to leave this room or die.

Something in the way that you burn.
Makes it feel good to learn.
Something in the way that you burn.
There's something, I just can't put my finger on it.

I no longer bow to death.
My requiem now awakens me for that supernova god machine.
I am.
I am aware now.
My new, lucid addiction.
Track Name: Level Nine
Whosoever speaks the words scrawled in the corpse below,
Will bear the burden of the seeker; the cycle begins.
Exodus from the badlands.

We've come prepared
To be at one with poisoned air--
Deliberation undisturbed--
Swimming, then floating in your piss--
Giving the ground a little kiss.

Hope - it's the last place on earth,
And you are the one to take me there.
Down we go.

Glutton, why the asinine debate?
What the hell do you think?
As if you transcend bureaucratic devils' simulations.
Boil on, poor sap.
For under radical delusions, like a rusty dagger threatening to bone your esophagus,
You gave in without question.
I would never dare to think that I would soon assimilate
The woeful echoes of your pain--
Lick aching pleasures, just taste
The sweet filth gathered in-between roads unpaved.

Help me find peace.
This ends now, you face an impossibility with one option--
To abandon all hope.
It's the end of the world,
And you are the one to take me there.
On my blood--
We cannot run away.
This angel is right--
We stand and fight.

The seeker's eyelids peel away.
The seeker's eyelids peel away.
The seeker's eyelids peel away.
Nine wounds swallow the empty plane--
A death embalmed by the raw venom in my blood.

The thing about psycho eyes that's such a crime,
Is that you smile at feeling death before you die.

A world in peril--
Just the size of a name.
Seeking stellar fruits in a canopy of weeds.
And though it falls far from me,
I choose to be released into my dreams.

Hope - it's the last place on earth,
And you are the one to take me there.
On my blood--
We cannot run away.
This angel is right--
We stand and fight.

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